The Truth: About Acidity

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Most people believe that cold Milk  is the best remedy for Acidity. All milk drinkers may feel relief temporarily, but eventually the burning sensation returns. This proves that milk may have subsided it NOT cured it.

The only cure to combat acidity is to increase alkalinity. Although lemon is acidic on its own, when digested it has an alkalizing effect on the body. where as milk is acidic due to its lactic acid content.

if you ever feel acidic, try and do a neat shot of 2 to 3 limes !! it works wonders.

Written by Sejal Vora

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2 Responses to “The Truth: About Acidity”

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Firstly let me begin by saying that i am lactose intolerant, well not actually cauze i strongly believe that the human body was not designed to digest cows or buffalos milk, therefore i am normal and everyone who drinks milk is abnormal to me.
The few times that i do get acidity i mostly just wait and let it pass, but this time I tried what you said here and i must say it did work, and in 5 mins…

I should learn to believe more.

Thanx for the tip…
am gonna be carrying 2 to 3 lemons at all times.

so glad it helped !!!!!

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