The Truth: About Yoga

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Yoga seems to be the IN thing these days, every one around seems to be doing it. How ever, very few know what Yoga really is.

Power yoga, dance Yoga, beauty Yoga and other such self proclaimed yoga classes, DO NOT teach actual yoga.

What is an asana?

An asana is not a posture that you assume mechanically or repeat vigorously. It involves a thoughtful process at the end of which a balance is achieved between movement and resistance. Your weight has to be evenly distributed over muscles, bones, and joints, just as your intelligence must engaged at every level. You have to create space in your muscles and your skin fitting the fine network of your entire body into the asana.

Power yoga on the other hand focuses on repetitions and fast movements, which completely lack any focus on alignment, which invariably leads to a high risk of damaging the spine, sciatic nerves and many more injuries. Their focus is to please people and give them their perception of a perfect workout.

“Hot & High Temperature Yoga” where they put you in a room heated upto  (105 F)which is completely unnatural, and can potentially lead to dehydration.

Dance yoga, power yoga etc are all things started to please the people and have no benefits that yoga truly has to offer.

Any sort of yoga that focuses on making it repetitive and aerobic in nature is NOT real yoga. As given in the yoga texts Asana means “to be”, which means to hold the pose. When the effort of being in a pose becomes effortless you can say you are experiencing true union of mind body and soul!!

Written by Sejal Vora

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3 Responses to “The Truth: About Yoga”

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true …. true ….. thanks for this : )

your welcome 🙂

i like the last line of your post. Well said.

“When the effort of being in a pose becomes effortless you can say you are experiencing true union of mind body and soul!!”

Am sure most of the IN crowd has not come close to it.

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