The Truth: About Skin

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It is important to understand the role our skin plays. apart from wanting to keep it flawless and wrinkle free, which is generally our priority.

It is important to understand the real purpose of its existence.

The skin is the body’s largest organ accounting for 16% of body weight. it is our front line of defense to protect the body  from  dehydration, injury, and infection. Your skin absorbs  close to 60% with sponge like efficiency  directly into the bloodstream !!!

So your skin eats too !!!

The question is:

What do we unknowingly feed our skin everyday?

The answer is:

alpha hydroxy acid, Ammonium laureth sulphate, Coal Tar, Aluminum, Bentonite, Benzene, Benzyl acetate, Dibutyl phthalate and many moreBe aware that there are over 1000 chemicals available for use in shampoo, baby bath, cosmetics and lotions that have toxic substances and hidden dangers to your health.  All products even the most expensive ones that are mass manufactured and have a shelf life have chemicals!! Period!! 

The question now should hopefully be:

What do I need to feed my skin?

The answer is:

“Feed your skin only what you would actually eat.”

All fruits and vegetable peels are great for the skin, what I typically do, is use whatever left overs i have of my morning fruits, as  a soap/scrub in the shower, anything from orange peels to banana peels to papaya skin.. i scrub it all over and rinse it off (face included).  the scrubbing action will clean your body of all the sweat and grim, and the skin will absorb all the nutrients, truly enriching it. 

It’s that Simple !!!

Written by Sejal Vora

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my grandmother had porcelain like skin..she would rub fresh cream as well as the left over of the papaya skin on her face at the breakfast table!!!!

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