The Truth: About Osteoporosis

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I have had so many clients off  late with Osteoporosis, that I felt compelled to write about this topic next.

Allopathic practitioners  believe  that a number of factors can cause osteoporosis (degeneration in bone density).  Some how most conveniently the emphasis is always laid on:

Age: Osteoporosis is more likely as people grow older and their bones loose density.


Gender: women commonly lose 30-50% of their bone mass over their lifetimes, men lose only 20-33%

Doctors today  do inform their patients to refrain from smoking and drinking,  but that is no where close to enough precaution.  Probably every woman I’ve met over 30 who has consulted a doctor for any medical condition, has been prescribed calcium under the pretext of preventive measures.

In Truth, Osteoporosis is a long-term condition. When you continually eat food cooked in hydrogenated refined oil and  iodized salt. when you consume market sugar, white bread, white rice, processed foods, aerated beverages and tea/coffee for years on end, your body  experiences a state of acidosis.

Acidosis needs to be combated by alkalinity. And where do you think your body finds this Alkalinity?

“Calcium” is Alkaline.

To combat this state of acidosis, It strips calcium  from your bones to increase the alkalinity…..

My dear friends, it is endless years of acidic eating that depletes your bones leading to osteoporosis NOT old age.

For all those of you popping calcium tablet every day, please know:

  • Magnesium is the most important mineral to reverse osteoporosis and improve bone density. You can take all the calcium in the world, and if you don’t have enough magnesium, you can’t remunerate your bones, so ensure that your magnesium intake is adequate.
  • “Vitamin D is also one of the most important things you can do for your bones  (along with  Yoga-anti gravity postures). Without Vitamin D, your body doesn’t utilize calcium properly.
  • The body has a hard time absorbing large amounts of calcium at once, it is essential to  spread the intake.
  • Our sedentary lifestyle  also interferes with mineralizing our bones. . Impact stress on bone, as in walking tends to increase production of Calcitonin, which leads to increased deposition of calcium in the bones.
  • Phosphoric acid, as found in soft drinks and sugar, hamper with calcium absorption . In order to absorb calcium well, we need 1.5 grams phosphorus and 0.5 grams magnesium for each gram of calcium.  Although we need phosphorous, and increased intake drives up our requirements for calcium and magnesium, so it is important to limit soft drinks as they contain considerable quantities of phosphorous and sugar.

Calcium is a big one !!! Make sure you get it Right !!!

Written by Sejal Vora

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3 Responses to “The Truth: About Osteoporosis”

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Woww!!! This information is priceless!! Your blogs are really great! Keep them coming!! 🙂

So i take calcium everyday, plus one multi vitamin called selace, but how do i know i am getting all these other minerals and vitamins that i need? is it enough to take the multivitamin pill??

Hi Aliya,

It is NOT enough to take a Multivitamin pill. Nearly all supplements contain chemicals like stearates and stearic acid which work as lubricants added to raw materials in supplements. They also contain potentially allergenic binders, fillers and often coloring agents. These additives have a number of side effects in the long run, including decreased absorption.

There is no better source of vitamins and minerals than a well balanced diet. In principal your daily nutrition should bring in all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants your body needs. Supplements will not compensate for junk foods, alcohol, smoking and imbalanced nutrition.

There are no short cuts in the long run !!
Hope this answers your question.

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