The Truth: About tea bags

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“Every drop in the ocean counts.”  –Yoko Ono

And so does every chemical that enters your body!

Tea bags are manufactured with a chemical known as epichlorohydrin, a compound used in the manufacture of plastics and used as an insecticide.

Tea Bags are bleached using bleach to look white.

­­The edges of tea bags are heat-sealed using chemicals.

And if that’s not enough, they are all “wet-strengthened” with some more chemicals in order to withstand the impact of boiling water without any risk of disintegration.

Drop by drop, unknowingly we keep adding these chemicals into our bodies. It not only disrupts the biochemistry, but also weakens the immune system, making us open and susceptible to disease. I don’t want to go into the list of problems that these can cause, as its exhaustive and scary.

What’s important to know is that its easy to move away from tea bags,  natural tea leaves give you far better flavor, and you don’t have to give up a habit, just make it healthier in any way  you can!

If you absolutely insist on tea bags, chemical free tea bags are available, so make sure you look for bleach and chemical free written on the packaging.

Written by Sejal Vora

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4 Responses to “The Truth: About tea bags”

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Honey , ur blog is like my mornin tea bag….wakes me up every time….. u go gal!


Looks like a lot us are going to change our tea habits!
Very well written!


Thanx Sej, Have stopped using tea bags a long while ago, have started buying the lose tea.
Tell me, is it safe to have flavoured teas?

great info

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