Bombay Times Column – FAQ’s Session 6

I am 56-year-old woman weighing 88 kgs. I workout for an hour and a half daily and watch my diet. In spite of that my weight stays the same. Recently my R.A test came positive. I have a problem in my right hand’s second finger, no other medical problem. What diet should I go on? 

Currently you need to focus on your arthritis and cure it using a combination of naturopathy (which will give you nutritional guidance)and life force healing(which will give you emotional guidance). Once you start curing that, the weight will also start going. The weight that is refusing to leave you right now is actually protecting you as the body needs fat and water to dilute fat soluble and water soluble toxins.

I am a student and with my daily busy schedule I don’t get much time to exercise. Erratic eating schedules have made me suffer from indigestion and bloating. What healthy snacks can I add to my diet, which are easy to make and carry with me? 

I suggest you carry fruits or vegetables that can be eaten easily like apples bananas pears grapes carrots cucumbers etc as well as a bag of mixed dry fruits. You could also carry a boiled egg as it’s easy to peel and eat when ready.  It is unhealthy to keep the stomach empty for long durations, so I suggest you keep nibbling every 2 to 3 hours.

I am a 35-year-old homemaker. After dieting and exercising for a whole year, I have reached my ideal weight. But maintaining that seems tough. Being a south Indian, the food at home is full of vegetables and rice. What should I include and exclude from my diet? 

Diets don’t keep excess weight off. A healthy body does. Make sure you are healthy in body and mind. As I do not know what diet you have followed to lose weight, i cannot tell you what to include or exclude. However you could try brown rice instead of white and eat plenty raw foods through the day. Avoid processed foods and unnatural sugars and as for exercising, I suggest you do yoga and walking over any other cardio.

I have heard that vanilla ice-cream is an excellent digestive. Is that true? Will it be a problem if I have it everyday? 

First of all, ice cream is a dairy product(dairy is acidic to the body). Secondly, did you know that many conventional and commercial brands of ice cream contain car antifreeze solution? Propylene glycol is an ingredient used in many ice creams. Other additives found in ice cream include Piperonal, Diethyl glucol, Amyl acetate, Aldehyde and many more which are seriously poisonous. Many nutritionists now refer to ice cream as the garbage dump food. Apart from that Ice cream is sweet because of the number one and most addictive drug in the world – sucrose (sugar). Various forms of synthetic chemical sugars and sweetners can be found under such umbrella terms as Sucrol, maltose, dextrose, glucose, saccharin (or Equal), aspartame (or Sweet N Low), and xylitol to name a few. So vanilla ice cream is in NO way an excellent digestive. If you do have digestive problems, I suggest you consult with a specialist and get to the root of what is causing it and alter your lifestyle nutritionally to achieve smooth digestion.

As appeared in the Bombay Times Column(Ask the expert)

By Sejal Vora (Naturotherapy Practitioner)

Written by Sejal Vora

For more information on how Naturotherapy can help you, click here.


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