The Truth: About your Immune System

It’s only when you get sick, that you visit your “doctor”. immuned

It’s only when you are healthy, that your doctor visits “you”.

As most correctly believed, a doctor protects your health and heals you. However, a “real doctor” actually visits you every day, every hour and every minute of your life.

You have medical supervision 24/7 and it’s absolutely free.

So it is very important you know who your “real doctor” is to start with.

Asking my patients about how well they understand their immune system, is one of the most important questions on my list.  The reason being, it tells me what and how much they know about their “doctor”.

Your immune system is your “true doctor” at a physical level.

It’s important that you know why I call Your Immune System a doctor?

The immune system is made up of a combination of many organs, specialized proteins, white blood cells, and antibodies.

The immune system is built into man’s body as a line of defense to protect him from being destroyed by an unfriendly environment.

The body’s defenses are skin, mucous membranes, friendly bacteria, tear glands, fever, lymphatic system, fighter cells, and the immune system. The immune system contains about a trillion cells called lymphocytes and about 100 trillion molecules called antibodies. These cells provide protection against.

Your immune system is your doctor that protects you from all microscopic enemies seeking to attack the body

We build our immune system by eating raw food and drinking the juices of raw fruits/vegetables, staying hydrated and exercising!!!

We immobilize our immune system by putting harmful substances into our body!!!

For example:  white table sugar (which is literally a drug), paralyzes the immune system. Just nine teaspoons of sugar (one soda pop contains 10), in a day will immobilize the immune system by about 33%, while approximately 30 teaspoons of sugar will wipe out the immune system from even functioning that day.

High fat intake, white table salt, Alcohol, cigarettes, refined and processed food, Caffeine and basically anything that is made artificially seriously impairs the immune systems functions.

All pharmaceutical drugs and pain killers adversely affect the immune system as well.

So check your own nutrition intake before passing the buck on to germs and virus.

Understanding your health, the food & beverage industry, your body, your environment and medicine is becoming more and more important in today’s world. With regards to health, ignorance is not bliss, it’s painful and immobilizing.

A healthy immune system can keep you from getting the flu, colds, cancer and other illnesses. A healthy diet means a healthy immune system. The better you eat the better you can avoid sickness, and fight it off when you do find yourself down with something. It is extra important for people with immune suppressing illnesses like cancer to eat a healthy diet and exercise every day. Fresh fruits and vegetables are not the only sources of immune boosting nutrients, but they are the best to get your body on the right track to health and wellness.

Written by Sejal Vora

For more information on how Naturotherapy can help you, click here.




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