Everyday metal toxicity in food

Heavy metal toxicity is becoming increasingly prevalent in today’s society. Every day we are exposed to hundreds of toxic metals in our food, toiletries, cleaning products and in our environment. While the body requires small amounts of metal for nutritional purposes, high volumes resulting from constant exposure make it difficult for the body to process. As a result, heavy metals accumulate in the soft tissues and slowly poison the body’s systems.

In the world of natural healing, a more common approach to rid the body of heavy metal toxicity or any other health issue is to go on intense short term “Detox Programs”. However, I always recommend a “Detoxifying Lifestyle”. The following lifestyle changes are essential to not just remove unwanted excess metal from the body but also prevent it from being consumed in the first place.

The most commonly encountered heavy metals include aluminium, arsenic, cadmium, iron, lead, mercury and nickel. These mostly come from fertilizers and insecticides, tobacco smoke, metal containers including food cans, Aluminium foil, some pharmaceutical drugs , aerated drinks, margarine, refined flour and table salt often contain aluminium, cosmetics, hair products, antiperspirants containing aluminium (especially aerosol sprays), toothpaste, aluminium cookware and the list goes on and on.

Lifestyle Changes:

Use a water filter – A good quality water filter will help to remove chlorine and heavy metals. Wash your fruits and vegetables with filtered water to avoid any heavy metal residues.

Limit your intake of processed foods and refined foods – Refined and processed foods are a major source of metal poisoning,

Avoid canned foods – Canned foods can contain metals, especially if the cans have been damaged in some way.

Eat your essential fatty acids – Essential fatty acids such as flaxseed oil help to lessen the effect of metal poisoning on your brain.

Eat foods high in vitamin C and E – Vitamin C and E rich foods (citrus fruit, dark leafy greens, etc) help to leach out toxic metals from your body.

Eat foods high in selenium – Selenium also helps to leach toxic metals from your body. Brazil nuts are a great source of selenium.

Go organic! – Buy organically grown produce when you can.

Do not use aluminium cookware.

Read Labels on all products you buy and if you don’t understand it, look it up!


Written by Sejal Vora

Published In DNA News (April 2013)

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