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Naturotherapy PractitionerThe Truth: About
Sejal Vora (Naturotherapy Practitioner)

‘Know your body, be your doctor’ is what Sejal Vora always advocates. A Naturotherapy practitioner since 2006, is her own best example.

Having graduated from St. Xavier’s College, Bombay, in Political Science (1996), the entrepreneur bug bit her taking her to as far as New York. By 2000, she was deeply immersed into her flourishing jewelry business.  Of course, the lifestyle followed the successes and an unhealthy lifestyle with unwholesome eating resulted in Sejal adding 30 kilo’s (or more) to her body, this in addition to what she refers to as “emotional weight” or what we commonly know as stress. To control this unhealthy surge she switched to ‘diet’ colas and other such ‘diet’ food items, not without quickly realizing the trap it lays for consumers—literally out of the frying pan and into the fire!

By the end of 2004 frustrated with the way things were shaping around her health, Sejal decided to move to Mumbai (India), padlocking corporate life. Here she consulted a variety of alternative healers, their practices, ranging from yoga to hypnotherapy. Drawing from the best of all that was exposed to and learnt, Sejal ultimately realized that “food is medicine”. Practicing all of what she now brings to her clients, she herself lost over 30 kilograms over a three-year period.

Her experiences have inspired her to get certified training in natural medicine  & Theta Healing. She now cures people with clinical and non clinical illnesses. Having worked with hundreds of patient’s suffering from Chronic Colds to Cancer, Sejal believes that even though nutrition plays a very important role in maintaining health, it is the mind that needs to be addressed,  her 4 hour consultation aims at going deep into her client’s life to source the root of all physical ailments that they have manifested. Just one consultation is required as she beautifully lays out causes and cures and teaches her patients the art of  understanding their minds and listening to their bodies. She educates and empowers them into taking charge of their health. Being their own doctor, and intelligently so.

An Interview with Sejal Vora on Sify.com


Mumbai Mirror – Naturotherapy practitioner Sejal Vora

Times Of India (Bombay Times) Column

For more details or an appointment:

call +91 9930143336 (10 am till 6pm)


email to sejal@sejalvora.com

22 thoughts on “About Sejal Vora

  1. sonu krishnan

    your insight and knowledge of everything is absolutely precise and awesome ,been very helpful in reaffirming a lot of stuff i believe in.thanks

  2. Ankit Kocher

    It’s a great pleasure knowing we have someone with us who’s always giving light unconditionally! Sej, you’re the best! 🙂

  3. Diya Rupani

    You were always so full of life. Not much has changed about you over the years – sharing a part of you with others, helping people to be what they really should be – Sej, you Rock!

  4. ushma

    hi… i read about you in Ahmedabad Mirror and i m thoroughly impressed. i am also going thru the same problem of overweight, would like to take your guidance for weight reduction. please mail me your contact no on ushma@all4season.com

  5. Kusum goenka

    Hi sejal I just happend to read ur article specially d polycystic ovary one,I felt that I was reading my own story from someone else. I live in kolkatta and m suffering d problem since 2 years and am putting on weight vigoursly could u please help me and lemme know how did u get rid of d problem as theres no medicine for this problem . I would be very grateful to u thanks.

    1. hi Kusum,
      you can call me or email me to book an appointment the next time you are in bombay. i will be happy to help you achieve what you want.
      all my contact details are in the about me page on my blog.

  6. Chitra Sharma

    Hi Sejal, I wish to know more about your work. Please also let me know your consultation fees. thanx…Chitra

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