The Truth: About Weight Loss

This article is about me. It is about how I spent years trying to lose weight and most importantly, it is about what I discovered on this journey.

The two most important things I learnt were:


  • “It is your “perception” of weight loss that is the    deciding factor of whether you will succeed in loosing weight permanently or not.”
  • “if being slim/lean and sexy is your goal, your most likely to fail, and even if you do succeed, it carries with it severe health complications which will accentuate, if the weight goes.”


To understand this better; here is how it happened to me:

When I moved to New York I was 52 kilos and my height is 5’4”. Over a period of 5 years, I had gained 30 kilos and was 82 struggle to lose weight had started in the 2nd year when I was 64 kilos and I had finally panicked!!

I started off by joining a gym, and decided to eat salads, which to me meant death, but I had to do it, because I couldn’t be fat and not sexy. I believed that the only formula to losing weight was cardio and dieting (which to me meant starvation).

I battled on the inside to suppress cravings. I hated the gym, but I dragged myself there and ruthlessly punished my body trying to burn fat. To deal with this trauma I rewarded my self once a week and ate everything I was not supposed to in excess quantities to feel good. Before I knew it I was 70 kilos by the end of year 3.

Now all I thought of was my fat, I became obsessed with myself and with loosing weight, my life revolved around whether I was looking slim in what I was wearing, making sure everything was hidden, wearing the highest heels to lengthen the thighs, lots of makeup to make myself look sexy and the list goes on and on. Shopping became a task that I dreaded, looking slim was my only goal, and it affected my actions in every sphere of my life.

Anything or anyone that assured me weight loss was my best friend. In sheer desperation I even tried the Atkins diet, GM diet, diet shakes and weight loss pills to only realize that by year 5, I was 82 kilos.

In these 5 years my self esteem and morale had gone to an all time low. I couldn’t find the answers no matter how hard I tried, and this is where I would say karma intervened and as I destined my self to succeed at a subconscious level, I found myself giving up everything I had built in New York to start afresh in India.

It took me 5 years of research and study to finally crack the code. Having practiced all that I have learnt, I have shared it with 100’s of my clients.

Today I offer this to all those out there who want to be healthy slim and fit..

The First most important thing I learnt was:

  • It is your “perception” of weight loss that is the deciding factor of whether you will succeed in losing weight permanently or not.

By this I mean, that if you project constant hatred for your fat body, that’s exactly what you manifest. Read “The secret” or any such book that shows you how the mind works. Basically input=output

The Second most important thing I learnt was:

  • If being slim/lean and sexy is your goal, your most likely to fail, and even if you do succeed temporarily, it carries with it severe health complications which will accentuate over time, if the weight goes.

Vanity is my favorite sin too; however I learnt that the body only accumulates fat and water when the toxicity levels go up in the body. The body does this to protect you not to make you look fat or ugly. Your body loves you no matter what you think of it. The only reason there is a communication gap between you and your body is because the body is too advanced for your understanding and just as the body does not take your permission to circulate blood or make your heart beat. It takes the necessary actions to protect you till the very end.

So the obvious next question is “how do I reduce the toxicity in my body, so that no extra fat and water are required to be stored?”

The Answer to that:

  • Reduce consuming toxic products and toxic food.
  • Get to the root of where the toxicity is building up from.

Apart from toxic foods like packaged meats, processed foods, aerated drinks, pastries, cupcakes, refined oil, white rice, white sugar etc know that most medications, negative thoughts, stress and anxiety cause toxicity to build up as well. When a body is fat, know that it is unhealthy and dis-eased, and requires your serious attention. However it requires your attention to heal not to be vain. And the sooner you accept this reality the sooner you will achieve your goal of being slim.

I know it is difficult to refrain from all toxic foods, and be completely emotionally balanced with no baggage.

However the sooner you start the process, the sooner you will see results. There are a wide variety of great alternative therapies like yoga, naturotherapy, theta, homeopathy, hypnotherapy, life force healing etc that can aid you to start healing your mind body and soul.

Having found my balance with a combination of yoga, nutrition and hypnosis. I achieved a healthy body which in turn made me slim as no healthy body is ever fat!!

Written by Sejal Vora (Naturotherapy Practitioner)

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Bombay Times Column – FAQ’s Session 5

My husband is 163.5 cms, 40-years-old and weighs 97 kgs. He has been facing acute pain in both his heels recently and finds walking very difficult. What could be the cause of the pain? 

Your husband is overweight and needs to start lowering that at the earliest. With regards to the pain, it could be standing in a bad posture that’s putting extra pressure on the heels. However it could also be a nerve problem, so I suggest you have it looked at by a professional.


I am 22 year-old-man, 6’2” and weigh 108 kgs. I have tried several diets but none seem to work. I am also lactose intolerant. Could you suggest a diet that I can follow long-term? Since I am a Keralite, many of the dishes made at home are coconut-based. Where am I going wrong?

I would need a lot more information to suggest a diet however you are not grossly overweight so I suggest you follow the basic principles of eating healthy (lots of raw fruits and vegetables), exercising and staying hydrated. Also ensure that you are not eating a lot of white rice. As for being lactose intolerant; the most effective treatment is to avoid foods and medications that contain lactose, primarily milk and milk products.

I am a 40-year-old man weighing 57 kgs. I’ve been trying to gain weight but have reached a plateau. Can you recommend a diet that will help me gain weight the healthy way? 

The information provided is insufficient as I need to not only know your height but I also need to know your current diet to understand why you have reached a plateau. Doing yoga helps you achieve your ideal optimum weight, so I suggest you start  Hatha yoga and see if that helps.

I’d like to know if slaked lime can be used as a calcium supplement. How must it be consumed? Can be added while cooking or had raw? What is the quantity needed for daily supply of calcium? Can slaked lime help preventing/ curing osteoporosis? 

I do not recommend slated lime as a calcium supplement. I suggest you get your calcium from natural vegetables, nuts, sesame seeds etc., I suggest you research the internet for natural food sources of calcium as there are too many to put down here. I also suggest you give your body morning sunlight as it is vital for building bones, apart from that I suggest you go yoga and keep your body alkaline by eating healthy as a lifestyle as that is the best way to supply calcium to your body daily.

As appeared in the Bombay Times Column(Ask the expert)

By Sejal Vora (Naturotherapy Practitioner)

Written by Sejal Vora

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Bombay Times Column – FAQ’s Session 4

I am a 30 year old married woman weighing 75 kgs. In the last six years I have put on 25 kgs much to my dismay. The culprit is a stressful lifestyle — no exercise, irregular diet, a tiresome job and late sleeping hours. My periods are also irregular periods and I have been diagnosed with cysts in my ovaries. What diet should I follow to lose weight? 

You already know the reasons why you have put on weight. The fact is that you have not been able to implement weight loss as you have not been able to implement regular exercise, diet, sleep or lower stress which leads to a healthy body. I suggest you first work with your mind. You could choose from a variety of alternative therapies like naturotherapy, life force therapy, homeopathy, reiki etc as all these practitioners work will help you lower stress and guide you towards finding your balance which in turn will enable you to eat healthy, exercise and lower stress etc. As for the cysts, I suggest you try hypnotherapy, as mostly this is related to birthing blocks and fears.

I am suffering from a number of food allergies. Could you suggest a healthy alternative to milk, nuts and corn? What food should I substitute for wheat?  

There are natural Allergy Elimination Techniques which are non-invasive, drug free and a natural solution to alleviate allergies of all types and intensities. These techniques use a blend of selective energy balancing, testing and treatment procedures from acupuncture/acupressure, nutritional, and kinesiological disciplines of medicine where one allergen is treated at a time. I suggest you research this on the internet and work towards clearing your allergies to live a healthier life. As for your question for healthy substitutes; you can have 2 tablespoons Omega3 cold pressed oil instead of nuts. Milk and corn can be avoided as they are very acidic but do research on foods high in calcium and make sure to have calcium every day. Wheat can be substituted with Millet – Great, Sorghum aka Jowar.

I have been told that fasting once a week is a good practise. I try and skip my lunch every Friday (there is an eight to 10 hour gap between my breakfast and lunch). Is this a healthy practice?

An 8 to 10 hour gap is not good between breakfast and lunch. Up to 4 hours is ok.With regards to fasting, there are many types of fasts, I suggest a fast that allows you lots of raw fruits and vegetables all day as it nourishes the body and yet rests the digestive system. Please remember that it is important to rest when you fast.

Is having a jawar roti slightly dipped in oil or ghee good to have at breakfast? Also, I have noticed that when I skip my meals I tend to feel very heavy. Why is that?

Jowar roti is good, a little ghee is ok, if the oil is cold pressed then that’s good too, however its always better to start your morning with a variety of fresh fruits for breakfast and save the roti for later in the day . Without a complete diagnosis I cannot answer your question accurately, I suggest you consult a naturopath or homeopath and understand what’s causing it, to be able to cure it. It is also advisable to not skip meals and eat smaller portions more frequently.

As appeared in the Bombay Times Column(Ask the expert)

By Sejal Vora (Naturotherapy Practitioner)

Written by Sejal Vora

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Bombay Times Column – FAQ’s Session 3

How long after eating possibly contaminated food would one suffer the symptoms of food poisoning?

Anywhere from a few hours to a few days after consuming contaminated food is the typical timeframe for experiencing symptoms of food poisoning. Although these symptoms may vary and may be mistaken with symptoms of other illnesses, the cramping, watery diarrhea, and vomiting may be part of the ordeal of food poisoning. While food poisoning symptoms usually go away in one to two days, symptoms may last for up to ten days. Immediately contact a health care provider if you experience high fever, bloody stools, dehydration, and diarrhea lasting more than three days.

I have very dry skin in winter and even though I moisturize it every day in the morning, by the evening it’s dry and itchy. Please advice the best way to keep skin moisturized all day and night.

Cold air cannot hold water and dry air dehydrates skin, causing smooth layers of cells to fall apart like a dilapidated wall. Hydration is the key to keeping your skin moist inside out. Drinking plenty of fluids like water, juice and soup to help maintain healthy skin. All natural Oils like coconut, olive, Almond and Omega-3 oils are healthy for your skin and can be applied instead of creams. Apply oil to your skin after bathing and if you don’t like the smell add a drop or two of any natural essential oil with fragrance. Last but not the least; eat plenty of nuts high in omega-3 during winter.

I have been experiencing pain in my lower back mostly during the night. It usually only happens when I am lying on my side, however lately it has been when I am lying on my back as well. Please advice.

This is the most common type of back pain known as non specific lower back pain. Non-specific low back pain is mechanical in the sense that it varies with posture or activity. Most people that lead unhealthy and sedative lifestyles encounter this pain at some point in their lives. In Hatha yoga, practicing postures (asana) that involve back bends help improve and strengthen your lower back. It is important that you eat healthily and practice these asana’s till your back improves, and once it does you need to try and incorporate yoga into your daily routine to stay healthy.

For the past few months or so, I’ve been having this tingling feeling in my feet just as I am falling asleep making me shifty and unable to fall asleep easily because of the tingles, I don’t seem to have any other symptoms and it happens once every few days. What could this be due to?

Since you have no other symptoms trying emptying your bladder before you go to bed, often tingling occurs when you try to sleep with a full bladder.  This should work. However if it still persists despite emptying the bladder then I suggest you check for diabetes and or deficiencies in vitamins. Poor circulation also contributes to tingling, so make sure you are keeping your body healthy by doing yoga to improve your blood circulation and maintain overall health.

As appeared in the Bombay Times Column(Ask the expert)

By Sejal Vora (Naturotherapy Practitioner)

Written by Sejal Vora

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Bombay Times Column – FAQ’s Session 2

Is it true that water is bad if taken with food?

Yes, it’s true. Drinking water or any other beverage with a meal is unhealthy because it restricts digestion. The stomach has no teeth. Digestion begins in the mouth not in the stomach.  When we drink with a meal we dilute the digestive saliva of the mouth which comes from chewing properly.  Chewing your food to mush before swallowing prepares it for the stomach enzymes to break it down further before passing it on to the small intestine where pancreatic enzymes are released.  Water is the best beverage and should be had 20 minutes before or an hour after any cooked meal, not with.

My son is 9 years old and constantly keeps falling sick; mostly it’s a cough cold and sometimes even a fever. I don’t like giving him medication, but he cannot keep missing school, I don’t know what to do.

It looks like your son has low immunity, if the body is frequently creating mucus; it is doing so to protect him from unwanted virus/bacteria by trapping it in the mucus. The cough is also connected as the body tries to throw out used mucus. And the fever last but not the least is a sure shot sign that the body is constantly needing to fight for him as his overall immunity is low.  Unfortunately allopathic medication will only weaken him more. His immunity could be low due to different reasons, however it is important that you monitor your child’s nutrition and consult with a specialist to make sure he is getting the correct nutrition in to boost his immunity.

I have a constipation problem and it’s probably because I eat almost no fruits and vegetables and my diet consists of primarily meat. Is there any other solution besides eating fruits and vegetables as I don’t enjoy fruits and vegetables at all?

The body needs natural fibre, and there is no shortcut for that, fruits and vegetables are not only important for constipation, but most important for your entire physical well being including your youth and vitality. I suggest you start working with clearing your block against fruits and vegetables. This is easily doable with the help of positive affirmations or hypnosis.

I work at a bank and I report to work by 9 am, by around 3 pm I feel fatigued every day. As you had mentioned in one of your articles, that tea and coffee cause fatigue, I stopped drinking coffee in the afternoons, but the fatigue is still there. Is there anything else I can do or take?

I suggest you check the amount of water you’re consuming through the day. On an average depending on your height and weight, you need to drink sufficient water, as dehydration is often a cause for fatigue. Also watch you’re eating habits as if you are eating a lot of carbohydrates like white rice or white bread for lunch, it causes fatigue because it is high glycemic and uses a lot of energy to digest leaving you with none. If overall your nutrition is healthy and you are drinking enough water and still fatigued, I suggest you get it checked by your physician.

As appeared in the Bombay Times Column(Ask the expert)

By Sejal Vora (Naturotherapy Practitioner)

Written by Sejal Vora

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Bombay Times Column – FAQ’s session 1

 What are the benefits of breastfeeding over giving my baby bottled  milk?                         

Just as no animals child drinks another animals milk, is nature’s way of telling you as a mother to feed your baby. Mother’s milk has all the correct nutrition required for a human baby to grow healthily and most importantly mother’s milk alone helps build the child’s immunity which is what will protect your child from illness in the long run. Bottled milk or formula milk is very acidic for children. Ideally you should breast feed your baby for a year.

Is sugar in fruits safe for diabetics?

Absolutely, a diabetic should not be afraid to eat fresh fruits and vegetables which contain sugar and starch. Fresh fruits contain fructose, which does not need insulin for its metabolism, making it safe. People with diabetes however should eat fruits with a low glycemic index, i.e. below 55. This is to help prevent blood sugar spikes that make diabetes worse. Fructose also has a much lower glycemic index of 19 compared to glucose or sucrose (table sugar) which has GI values of 100 and 60 respectively. This means high fructose fruits will not spike blood sugar levels to the same extent as high glucose fruits. High fructose fruits like apples, pears, grapefruit and guavas, are beneficial for diabetics. It should be noted that beverages sweetened with high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) are not a substitute for fruits high in fructose. These heavily processed drinks tend to have an extremely high fructose content, far in excess of that found in fresh fruits and are devoid of any nutritional benefits. Chronic consumption of HFCS has been linked to increased rates of heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.

I have tried several diets to lose weight, but I keep putting it back on, what in your opinion is the best diet to lose weight permanently?  

A diet is often thought of as a regimented eating plan to lose weight, however the truth is that no weight loss diets ever work permanently. The only way to lose weight permanently is to change your lifestyle and aim to be healthy vs. trying to be slim. If you are overweight you are most likely suffering from acidosis which does not allow you to lose weight. When the body is in a state of acidosis, the body needs all the fat and water it can retain to dilute your fat soluble and water soluble toxins. It is for your own safety that your body does this as it chooses survival over vanity. The key to losing weight is to focus on becoming healthy on the inside which will eventually lead to weight loss. Weight loss is a guaranteed side effect of being healthy.

I am asthmatic and have heard that wet haldi boiled in milk is beneficial. However, it is very harsh on the stomach. Is there something that can be added to the milk to balance the heat?

I am personally not a big fan of milk as it is acidic to the body. Turmeric may or may not cure your asthma, but is great in general to eat anyways as it will only do you good. A good way to consume haldi is with either a little bit of honey or ghee. I recommend you visit a hypnotherapist as asthma is most often related directly to the mind, and is most effective if treated through the mind. If you have been suffering from a long time, it is possible that the cause lies in your past; hypnotherapy allows you to locate the cause and resolve it, allowing you to be asthma free permanently.

as appeared in the Bombay Times Column(The Truth About)

By Sejal Vora (Naturotherapy Practitioner)

Written by Sejal Vora

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The Truth: About Alternative Medicine

Different therapies for different people

The truth is that all disease in the body, whether it is obesity or cancer, PCOD or tumours, diabetes or high blood pressure, depression or insomnia is ALL rooted in the mind. Over time as the mind is not dealt with, it starts to manifest as disease in the body purely to get your attention.

If you only work with the body and ignore the mind, you will in effect only be suppressing symptoms. If you work only with the mind, you can cure yourself in time but it requires a lot of dedication and time. The best balance is found when both are dealt with together and that’s where alternative medicine comes in.

Alternative medicine tackles both the mind and the body if used correctly.

A few Alternative therapies are: Homeopathy, Bach Flower remedies, Hypnotherapy, Craniosacral therapy, Rieki, Theta Healing, Herbal medicine, Hatha Yoga, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Nutrition, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Life Force Healing and the list goes on.

In a fast paced world, where everyone wants short cuts, western medicine works wonders. But short cuts only make your journey shorter, and as all wise ones say, life is a journey, enjoy the ride, and don’t be in a rush to get to the destination as it is the journey that matters. Your body is merely a vehicle chosen by your soul to experience life on earth. The quality of your vehicle will determine the quality of your journey.

Western medicine is not going to work in the long run purely because you cannot separate your mind and body,  or your soul and your body, or your spirit and your body, at least till you are alive. Your body is created for your soul and not the other way around. If you keep ignoring your mind/soul and only dealing with the body, sooner or later you will be ringing my doorbell as they all do.

Most of my cases comprise of people who have tried for years to suppress one disease after another by popping pills and over the years more and more complications have arisen finally making them realize “It’s not working.”

Let me explain this with an actual case study:

I once had this woman who was in her late 30’s and she had recurring urinary tract infections, PCOD and recurring vaginal yeast infections. She had tried enough medication and had drunk all the cranberry juice she could get her hands on. She had even modified her diet using basic logic of less spice, less fried etc. Unfortunately over years the medication had caused acidity, face breakouts, IBS, constipation and lots of discomfort and pain most of the time, she eventually started taking sleeping pills as she couldn’t get sleep with the pain. Her body had also stopped reacting to pain killers, and last but not the least she had started experiencing mood swings, all in all she had been battling this since she was 17 and had spent 15 odd years living with the fear of pain and getting sick.

When she came to meet me, she wanted to understand nutrition and how she could eat more correctly to resolve this problem. She had done her research and had understood that specific foods can heal specific problems.

What she hadn’t researched, was her own life. In Alternative Medicine that’s the first thing that’s done. It is important to understand broadly, what experiences the patient has had that could be life altering for the future.  As I started my research on her life, I learnt that she had been sexually abused for 3 years by her uncle. She was 11 then and scared and obviously it hurt. She hadn’t told anybody about it, as she was told by her uncle that no one would believe her. Being at that tender age, a child is incapable of handling such situations. Her abuse only ended due to his sudden death.  And as he existed no more, she buried it deep down feeling shameful and eventually thought she had moved on.

Having noted this I asked her about her sex life in her current relationship and sure enough she was single at that time. As I dig deeper into her past few boyfriends, the deep rooted fears of her sexual abuse as a child start to emerge as a pattern in her life today, she couldn’t hold a relationship mostly due to sex. She found sex very uncomfortable and it often started off the infection. it was the infections that made her believe she was unable to enjoy sex, thereby avoiding it which eventually would chase the men away, leaving her single and frustrated.

The case had many more facets that revealed her strengths and weaknesses; however this particular trauma of sexual abuse had manifested into vaginal issues and was affecting her today. Her mind had associated sex as painful and non pleasurable. But being in her 20’s where consciously consensual sex is normal and healthy for girls that age, her subconscious mind associated it to painful and traumatic and not pleasurable, and that’s why it hurts her when in fact it is supposed to be pleasurable. Deep down buried was a fear of sex, and the infections were her body retaliating to trauma that she had not released.

It was clear that she needed to release this fear and release the anger that had built up over the years for not being able to share it without being judged or trusted, it was important to release all thoughts of shame as it is not shameful at all. While working with the mind either through hypnotherapy or theta, the body is simultaneously addressed and healed through natural foods step by step with a change in lifestyle v/s crash diets.

And that’s what alternative medicine is all about. It’s about using techniques that deal with resolving traumatic experiences that you are carrying for years. It is a form of healing that acknowledges your fears and traumas for real.

Western Medicine deals with the body, Nutrition also deals with the body. However till the mind is not addressed, you can pop as many pills as you like or eat all the fruits and vegetables in the world. In the long run, it is not going to work!

Western medicine definitely has its place in the spectrum of miracle recoveries, if we take it for what it is — a stop on the path to wellness and wholeness. I wholeheartedly am grateful for the miracles that allopathic medicine has provided. When viewed as a component of the process of overall health, I think that it serves an important purpose. It’s just a matter of putting it all in the larger perspective and plan, and not abusing the function it serves, or using it for manipulative purposes or as a lifestyle.

Written by Sejal Vora

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