Bombay Times Column – FAQ’s Session 5

My husband is 163.5 cms, 40-years-old and weighs 97 kgs. He has been facing acute pain in both his heels recently and finds walking very difficult. What could be the cause of the pain? 

Your husband is overweight and needs to start lowering that at the earliest. With regards to the pain, it could be standing in a bad posture that’s putting extra pressure on the heels. However it could also be a nerve problem, so I suggest you have it looked at by a professional.


I am 22 year-old-man, 6’2” and weigh 108 kgs. I have tried several diets but none seem to work. I am also lactose intolerant. Could you suggest a diet that I can follow long-term? Since I am a Keralite, many of the dishes made at home are coconut-based. Where am I going wrong?

I would need a lot more information to suggest a diet however you are not grossly overweight so I suggest you follow the basic principles of eating healthy (lots of raw fruits and vegetables), exercising and staying hydrated. Also ensure that you are not eating a lot of white rice. As for being lactose intolerant; the most effective treatment is to avoid foods and medications that contain lactose, primarily milk and milk products.

I am a 40-year-old man weighing 57 kgs. I’ve been trying to gain weight but have reached a plateau. Can you recommend a diet that will help me gain weight the healthy way? 

The information provided is insufficient as I need to not only know your height but I also need to know your current diet to understand why you have reached a plateau. Doing yoga helps you achieve your ideal optimum weight, so I suggest you start  Hatha yoga and see if that helps.

I’d like to know if slaked lime can be used as a calcium supplement. How must it be consumed? Can be added while cooking or had raw? What is the quantity needed for daily supply of calcium? Can slaked lime help preventing/ curing osteoporosis? 

I do not recommend slated lime as a calcium supplement. I suggest you get your calcium from natural vegetables, nuts, sesame seeds etc., I suggest you research the internet for natural food sources of calcium as there are too many to put down here. I also suggest you give your body morning sunlight as it is vital for building bones, apart from that I suggest you go yoga and keep your body alkaline by eating healthy as a lifestyle as that is the best way to supply calcium to your body daily.

As appeared in the Bombay Times Column(Ask the expert)

By Sejal Vora (Naturotherapy Practitioner)

Written by Sejal Vora

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Bombay Times Column – FAQ’s Session 2

Is it true that water is bad if taken with food?

Yes, it’s true. Drinking water or any other beverage with a meal is unhealthy because it restricts digestion. The stomach has no teeth. Digestion begins in the mouth not in the stomach.  When we drink with a meal we dilute the digestive saliva of the mouth which comes from chewing properly.  Chewing your food to mush before swallowing prepares it for the stomach enzymes to break it down further before passing it on to the small intestine where pancreatic enzymes are released.  Water is the best beverage and should be had 20 minutes before or an hour after any cooked meal, not with.

My son is 9 years old and constantly keeps falling sick; mostly it’s a cough cold and sometimes even a fever. I don’t like giving him medication, but he cannot keep missing school, I don’t know what to do.

It looks like your son has low immunity, if the body is frequently creating mucus; it is doing so to protect him from unwanted virus/bacteria by trapping it in the mucus. The cough is also connected as the body tries to throw out used mucus. And the fever last but not the least is a sure shot sign that the body is constantly needing to fight for him as his overall immunity is low.  Unfortunately allopathic medication will only weaken him more. His immunity could be low due to different reasons, however it is important that you monitor your child’s nutrition and consult with a specialist to make sure he is getting the correct nutrition in to boost his immunity.

I have a constipation problem and it’s probably because I eat almost no fruits and vegetables and my diet consists of primarily meat. Is there any other solution besides eating fruits and vegetables as I don’t enjoy fruits and vegetables at all?

The body needs natural fibre, and there is no shortcut for that, fruits and vegetables are not only important for constipation, but most important for your entire physical well being including your youth and vitality. I suggest you start working with clearing your block against fruits and vegetables. This is easily doable with the help of positive affirmations or hypnosis.

I work at a bank and I report to work by 9 am, by around 3 pm I feel fatigued every day. As you had mentioned in one of your articles, that tea and coffee cause fatigue, I stopped drinking coffee in the afternoons, but the fatigue is still there. Is there anything else I can do or take?

I suggest you check the amount of water you’re consuming through the day. On an average depending on your height and weight, you need to drink sufficient water, as dehydration is often a cause for fatigue. Also watch you’re eating habits as if you are eating a lot of carbohydrates like white rice or white bread for lunch, it causes fatigue because it is high glycemic and uses a lot of energy to digest leaving you with none. If overall your nutrition is healthy and you are drinking enough water and still fatigued, I suggest you get it checked by your physician.

As appeared in the Bombay Times Column(Ask the expert)

By Sejal Vora (Naturotherapy Practitioner)

Written by Sejal Vora

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The Truth: About Sugar

The word “sugar” has earned a bad reputation as it is linked to various diseases like diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia, heart disease, arteriosclerosis, kidney stones, depression and cancer to name a few. The truth is that sweetness is not only important for your body, it is also important for your life!! The Universe or God or whatever you want to call him/her created this planet with plants that give us life and if the plants bear fruits and vegetables that have sugar in them, I am sure there was a plan. And I doubt the master planner created sugar for us to experience any of the above diseases, which leaves me with one conclusion: We misunderstand sugar.

Understanding Sugar:

The Sugar we eat today sold in grocery stores is a white unnatural substance produced by industrial processes (mostly from sugar cane or sugar beets) it is pure poison due to refining with chemicals, such as sulphur dioxide, phosphoric acid, calcium hydroxide, and activated carbon, stripped of all the natural food nutrition that it originally had in the plant itself. By refining it down to pure sucrose, after stripping away all the vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes and other beneficial nutrients, what is left is a concentrated unnatural substance, which the human body is not able to handle.
In producing heroin, the opium is first extracted from the poppy: The opium is then refined into morphine. The chemists then went to work on morphine and further refined it into heroin. Similarly, sugar is first pressed as a juice from the cane (or beet) and refined into molasses. Then it is refined into brown sugar, and finally into strange white crystals, that are an alien chemical to the human system.

It is interesting to note that raw sugar is also refined. Only evaporated cane juice is truly “raw” sugar (of the cane variety – sugars can come from other sources as well, such as beets and fruit). Once the cane juice crystals are harvested, they are washed, boiled,  filtered, and dried. The purpose of this is to remove all of the original plant materials (stalk, fiber, etc.) to produce the pure sugar. This process removes most of the fiber and nutrients that existed in the original crystals. The sugar then becomes refined, with no nutritional value.

The use of artificial sweeteners is often a case of trading one problem for another and is definitely not the path to excellent health. Needless to say, artificial sweeteners are more poisonous than refined sugar!

Sugar is the drug of choice for many people and it is not without consequences.

Sugar is a deadly addiction; people not only develop a strong taste for sugar but an insatiable craving for it so that they never seem to get enough of this poison, the reason being: refined sugar stresses the pancreas and deplete’s the body’s supplies of chromium. A common symptom of chromium deficiency is sugar cravings. And satisfying these cravings further lowers chromium and increases cravings.

Refined sugar deplete’s your body of all the B vitamins; it also leaches calcium from your hair, bones, blood and teeth. If that is not enough, sugar also affects your body’s digestion. Sugar ferments in your stomach. It stops the secretion of gastric juices and inhibits the stomachs ability to digest. Weight gain, mood swings and irritability are a few more side effects from consuming too much sugar. Sugar plays a major role in altering one’s mood. Refined sugar has a chemical reaction on the brain, releasing serotonin, the ‘feel good’ hormone; this tricks the body into a temporary lift as well as causing a rise in blood glucose levels. This ‘feel good’ lift is then followed by the crash where you feel tired, irritable and even depressed.

Do you know a major focus of the digestion and metabolism of all the carbohydrates we ingest is to produce a simple sugar: glucose. In fact, the glucose that courses through your bloodstream is so vital to survival that your body has elaborate mechanisms for ensuring that you always have enough of it available. Glucose is critical because it powers your brain, and without it, you can’t survive. Glucose is an important fuel required by your body.

Intrinsic sugars are natural sugars found in fruits and vegetables. These sugars are NOT harmful to our health nor are they fattening. Because natural sugars found in honey, fruits and vegetables are unprocessed and rich in fiber and nutrients, a diet high in fruits and vegetables will ensure that your body gets the small amount of sugar it needs while providing you with far more health benefits than refined sugar.

The reason why natural whole foods are so healthy is because we spent millions of years evolving on them. Based on this, an easy way to make sure that you’re eating the right foods is to ask yourself if they existed 10,000 years ago. If they didn’t, or if they’re packaged in plastic or a box, they’re likely to contain refined sugar.

Written by Sejal Vora

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The Truth: About Habits

More or less everything in your life is a habit!

A habit is something you do over and over again, ranging from brushing your teeth, drinking that cup of tea or coffee, smoking, being negative, being positive, being rich to attracting the right partner for you. In this dimension or on planet Earth, we are creatures of conditioning, and work within the parameters of the conscious and the subconscious mind.

If this is to be understood in more detail please read my article on the truth: About the Mind

If you do not understand how the mind works, your chances of successfully kicking or adopting a new habit are slim.

Most of us wage wars within us trying to change habits, not realizing that the “war” itself becomes a habit.

If you were to look at an EEG of your brain while you enjoying that cup of tea, you would see a line of neurons lighting up in a particular pattern. Every time you drink tea, or even imagine drinking tea, the same line of neurons light up.

If you are struggling to quit caffeine, nicotine or sugar, most likely you’ve been struggling for a long time, and trust me, it’s not changing anytime soon, as the neural pathway of struggle too has been created and reinforced everyday to not only make  the habit stronger but also the struggle harder.

The first and most important mistake people make is segregate habits as “good” or “bad”.  I call this a mistake only because the way we approach bad and the way we approach good makes all the difference.

The minute we address a habit as bad, we start punishing ourselves for not being able to kick it, we start experiencing emotions of guilt and lack of will power. We yell at ourselves in vain as we eventually succumb and then promise to start fresh tomorrow.  No prizes for guessing that the tomorrow mostly never comes.

We generate so much negativity trying to get rid of negativity that the end result is nothing but negativity.

Fortunately the good ones keep you positive which in turn will keep you healthy in the body and mind. It’s the ones you think of as “Bad” that need to be addressed.

Honestly guys… Stop punishing yourselves to rid a habit! It only makes things harder.

If you really want to kick a habit, stop fighting it!

What we need to understand is that neural pathways are neural pathways. The get formed with every thought/action and the more times it is repeated, the stronger the neural pathway gets regardless of whether it is good or bad.

Stop segregating habits into “good” and “bad”. You have free will to change what ever you like, exercise it gracefully. Be more accepting and loving towards your self.

Stop fighting to change it. As it is you have a habit to deal with, don’t make the struggle a second habit.

Always try to create a new habit to replace an old one and be gentle on your self. Aggression is the worst habit to have. All that you require to change a habit is  re-wiring in the brain, retraining the pathway of the neurons to line up with something new. Most people want to see it to believe it, but the truth is that you have to believe it to see it. So believe it’s easy and it will be.

Start at the level of your thoughts, after all it is mind over matter:

For e.g.: If you want to start a habit of healthy eating, spend 30 days practicing this thought every day: “I am a healthy eater, and I love choosing foods that support my vitality”. Spend this time before you do ANY action and you will find yourself with a solid foundation from which to shift your actual behavior.

Start small, start slow.

For e.g.: If you want to start Yoga. Don’t jump into it 6 days a week at 5 am. The brain and the body like humans do not take kindly to abrupt changes in their environment. When the body is exposed to small daily changes, it gradually adjusts to those changes through a process known as adaptation. So start with twice a week and then build it from there.

If there is a physical addiction (nicotine, caffeine etc) use alternative therapies like hypnotherapy or acupuncture as they tremendously aid the process.

Whatever you do, please love yourselves through the process. Believe it’s easy and don’t stress. Know that it is you who “started” it and you who will “end” it;  however it is the “journey” that truly matters. and if struggling has not given you the desired result, try something new.

Written by Sejal Vora

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The Truth: About Germs

It all started in the mid 18th century.

It was that One crucial debate on “The Germ Theory” between 2 microbiologists Louise Pasteur and Antoine Bechamp that changed the world forever.

Pasteur and Bechamp strongly disagreed in their bacteriological theories and it was this argument that changed the course of Medicine.

Pasteur’s theory was accepted and Bechamp’s theory was rejected. Modern Medicine and True Health parted ways because of this.

Pasteur’s discovery — that most infectious diseases are caused by germs, also known as the “germ theory of disease,” is one of the most important in medical history. His work became the foundation for the science of microbiology, and a cornerstone of modern medicine. Pasteur’s Germ Theory promoted a theory of disease that described non-changeable microbes as the primary cause of disease. This is the theory of monomorphism. This theory says that a microorganism is static and unchangeable. It is what it is. Disease is caused by microbes or bacteria that invade the body from the outside.

Bechamp held the view that microorganisms can go through different stages of development and they can evolve into various growth forms within their life cycle. This is the theory of pleomorphism. He observed microbe like particles in the blood which he called microzymas. These microbes would change shape as individuals became diseased, and for Bechamp, this was the cause of disease; hence disease comes from inside the body.

Bechamp’s research proved, what the root cause of disease was, and how it could be reversed or avoided altogether using safe, natural methods. This was long before the synthetic drugs, chemotherapy, radiation, surgical removal of body parts and vaccines with which we are all so familiar today became the mainstays of mainstream medical treatment. Bechamp’s work showed that the inner condition and health of the cells (sometimes described as the “terrain” in works of the time) determined whether disease would manifest or spread in the body. He proved through rigorous scientific method and repeated experiments over many years that disease was not due to germs attacking the body from the outside, as Louis Pasteur later convinced the world. What you eat, breathe, drink, and bathe in are the primary factors that determine your body’s inner condition. ‘Germs’ arise as a result of a diseased condition. They are a symptom, not the cause.

Western medical science went with Pasteur’s theory and Unfortunately modern medicine or allopathy as we know it, is based on the Pasteur’s germ theory. Since the 1850s, they have been developing new drugs to attack and kill the disease invaders(germs) and the result has been epidemics of cancer, sicknesses and diseases — and a very rich and powerful pharmaceutical industry.

When Pasteur was on his deathbed, he finally acknowledged Bechamp’s work and said, “Bechamp was correct: the microbe is nothing: the terrain is everything.” It was a 180 degree turnaround. With his death imminently at hand, he as much as admitted that his germ theory had flaws. But his admission fell on deaf ears. It was far too late. It could not reverse the inertia of ideas that had already been accepted by mainstream science at that time. Allopathic (drug based) medicine was firmly entrenched on the road that was paved by Pasteur.

Pasteur’s germ theory has actually made us place the responsibility of our health into the hands of poor germs and virus who really mean us no harm.

Germs are everywhere. All living things on Earth are interdependent on other living things, the entire scenario being in a rather fine balance. All forms of life are capable, in varying degrees, of adapting to environmental changes, and germs and viruses have been doing that from time immemorial. They are part of the scenario of life, they have a role to fill and a purpose to serve as part of Nature’s “Grand Design”.

The truth is that germs (bacteria) are everywhere and they are attracted to and proliferate in dis-eased tissues.  Bacteria decompose dead matter.  That is their job. For instance, when a tree dies, bacteria come in and eat the tree and it eventually becomes soil.   Bacteria do not eat a live, healthy tree.  The same thing is true in people — bacteria are attracted to dead matter. Therefore, if you have dead matter in your body, bacteria will come in and get to work decomposing the dead tissue so that it may eventually become soil.

The world has been teeming with bacteria (germs), as micro-organisms form the basis of all other forms of life. They manufacture soil out of rock, destroy unhealthy tissues of plants, man and animals, break down dead tissues to be used again, and actually form an essential part of the body and body functions. The behavior of the various forms of bacteria in the body is dependent on the environment within the body (which should be healthy but very often in humans is not), and it is only when the environment within becomes deteriorated, that many normal bacteria change from a benign form to a pathological form, again as a natural consequence. In Nature it is the survival of the species that counts, and individuals are expendable for the survival of the majority. The weak or sickly in the wild are not tolerated to handicap the group, and one way or another are soon eliminated by predators appointed for the purpose. C’est la vie. So when a person allows a pathological condition of body chemistry to develop within them they should realize that what follows is not a perversity of fate or an unlucky encounter with germs of a criminal nature, but merely another step in a natural sequence of events.

Our medical scientists have succeeded in giving the word “germ” a significance and dread power, ludicrously all out of proportion to the part these organisms actually play in the life processes of the individual human being.

One would imagine, from the way the medical professions speak, that one tiny germ or bacillus (countless thousands of which would scarcely cover the head of a pin) has only to enter the body of a “healthy” individual for that individual to be stricken with some foul disease or other. Perhaps typhoid! Perhaps tuberculosis! And modern man goes around terrified out of his life because of the existence of these tiny creatures which he believes are always threatening him, and which only the most powerful microscope can reveal to his shuddering gaze.

It is time people realise what germs really are, and the role they really do play, if any, in the setting up and development of disease.

We completely ignore the part played by the individual himself in the setting up of disease within his own body, and throw all the emphasis on purely erroneous factors, such as germs.

It is this conditioning that we need to change in our belief systems, as it does not allow us to take our health to the next level.

NO ONE can do harm to your body, but YOU.

Bechamp’s theory placed all of the responsibility of disease prevention on the individual and his lifestyle and if you seriously think about it, it will blow your mind open to a whole new way of living.

Written by Sejal Vora

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The Truth: About Refined Cooking Oil

Approximately over 100 million tons of edible oils are being consumed annually in India. That’s a lot of Oil.

The presence of toxins even in small quantities may have profound effect on the health and well-being of the common masses including me and you.

Most people believe that brands like Saffola and other refined oils are healthy for us, as they claim to reduce cholesterol. Below is a detailed process of how cooking oil is refined for you to decide if you still think it is healthy for you.

Oil refining is a process where crude oils; i.e. natural oils from vegetables are refined to remove any substances that may contribute to off flavor, off odor, undesirable color, or for keeping standardization, and standardization is required because if 100 million tons are being sold, there would be chaos at the supermarket if every bottle would be different in color and clarity as it is naturally supposed to be.

Step 1: “Washing” of oil using water, salts and acids in order to remove waxes, phosphates and other impurities.

Step 2: Oil undergoes a neutralization process. Alkali which is soap mixed with oil and heated to 180F. A separator then removes the soap from the oil.

Step 3: The oil is subjected to “physical” refinement to remove odor compounds by vacuum steam distillation process.

Step 4: Next the oil is subjected to cooling. By doing this, some fats will crystallize and are removed using filtration.

Step 5: The oil is then bleached. This process stabilized the oil. Bleaching involves using clay to remove color and impurities from the oil. Oil is bleached by heating it to 130F, and mixing with clay. The mixture is held for several minutes and then the hot oil is filtered from the clay and cooled.

Step 6: Hydrogenation process is completed by pumping pressurized hydrogen into an agitated tank filled with oil. This must be done in the presence of a catalyst metal, such as nickel. Hydrogenation is done at 204C and pressure of 60psig.

Do we want to be eating the end result of this rigorous procedure? It has already been the cause of much illness, continuing to eat this is to ask for irreversible damage to health.

Testing survey work carried out: This project was undertaken to spell out the heavy metal contamination in edible oils, especially the chemically processed ones like Hydrogenated vegetable oils & Refined oils. For example Nickel is used as a hydrogenating catalyst for hardening of vegetable oils. Nickel has adverse effect on Respiratory system, liver, skin, metabolism, interaction with DNA/RNA, crosses Placental barrier also carcinogenic action.
Popular brands of HVO viz. Rath, Ruchi,Gagan, Dalda, Panghat, Suhagin, No.1, Postman, Vital, Crystal, Saffola, Dalda refined, Dhara etc. were collected randomly from the local market belonging to different batch numbers and subjected to testing/screening for the presence of heavy metals.

Following the discovery of high nickel residual contents in the edible vegetable oils including hydrogenated vegetable oils, the Indian Prevention of Food Adulteration Act has been amended to incorporate the fixing of maximum upper limit of Nickel (1.5 ppm) in the vegetable oils. But please note, it’s still allowed and if it’s a small quantity it all eventually adds up!

Bottom line

Refining is accomplished with the addition of sodium hydroxide and temperatures around 450 degrees. The refined oil is not considered edible without further processing, such as filtration, deodorization, bleaching.

The process of refining oils is equivalent to the refining of whole wheat and whole sugar into white ones. In all cases, one takes a product full of natural vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other food factors and reduces the original natural food into a relative “nonfood”—devitalized, stripped.

Crude oils i.e. cold pressed Oil, retain their natural anti-oxidants; which contains all its natural vitamin A, all its natural vitamin E, all its natural lecithin, and all of the other natural food factors.

Refined oils find their way into the human food chain and become the raw material for every cell in your body. Countless diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, allergies, emphysema, stomach ulcers, premature aging, impotence, hypoglycemia and arthritis exist because chemically synthesized substances disrupt the bio-chemistry of hundreds of billions of microscopic living cells which make up the body.

The life of most cells is short; new cells are constantly being made to replace dead ones. The raw materials for this rebuilding come from the blood stream. When it contains toxins, the process of rebuilding cells is disrupted. Resistance to disease diminishes. If you have a genetic weakness and continue to eat refined oil, the cumulative effect of toxins will increase the risk of becoming a host to disease.

Eradicating every guilty pleasure in life is not the end goal here, nor is it a particularly realistic approach to making changes…we all enjoy the occasional pav bhaji, cheeseburger, fries, or bag of chips. But it’s important to understand the consequences of making what ought to be an occasional treat into your mainstay diet.

Opt for unrefined sesame or mustard oil when it comes to cooking . Make sure to not use Extra Virgin Olive oil for cooking as it has a low burn point.

OIL, SALT & SUGAR are basics that we all require and are important for good health. At least make sure these are natural and pure.

Written by Sejal Vora

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The Truth: About the Mind

What really is the mind?

Modern medicine and Science explains that all of our thoughts and feelings, and all of our behavior, is the product of activity in the brain. It is explained that the brain is made up of an enormous number of individual cells, called neurons, and that chain of neurons lead out of the brain and into the rest of the body, ultimately ending up in the muscles and thereby causing the body to move about and exhibit behavior.

For example, every time I speak,  signals from my brain are causing the muscles of my mouth and tongue to move so as to form words.

The real question then becomes: what was the first neuron to send a signal when I decided to talk, and what caused it to send that signal?

The answer to that is “The Mind”.

Some people think that the mind is the brain or some other part or function of the body, but this is incorrect. The brain is a physical object that can be seen with the eyes and that can be photographed or operated on in surgery. The mind, on the other hand, is not a physical object. It cannot be seen with the eyes, nor can it be photographed or repaired by surgery. The brain, therefore, is not the mind but simply a part of the body.There is nothing within the body that can be identified as being our mind.

If the mind is not the brain, nor any other part of the body, what is it?

It is a formless continuum that functions to perceive and understand objects. Because the mind is formless, or non-physical, by nature, it is not obstructed by physical objects.

The mind is divided primarily into 2 parts, conscious and the subconscious

The conscious mind

The conscious mind is the part of your mind that is responsible for logic and reasoning, when I ask you about the sum of 3 plus 4 you use your conscious mind to add them together. When you decide to take any voluntary action like moving your hand or leg, this is done by you conscious mind. So whenever you are aware of the thing that you want to do, you do it with your conscious mind and whenever there is logic or reasoning you use your conscious mind.

The subconscious mind

The subconscious mind is the part of your mind responsible for all of your involuntary actions like experiencing emotions, like controlling your heart beat or breathing rate.Your subconscious mind is also a store for your beliefs and memories. Think of the subconscious mind as the store of everything that is currently not in your mind, it stores all of your previous experiences, your belief system, your memories, skills, all of the situations you have ever faced and all of the images that you have ever seen.

The best way to understand the subconscious mind is to take a look at the example of someone who just started to learn how to drive a car. At the beginning he will not be able to talk to anyone while driving because he will be focusing on the different details involved, in that case he is using his conscious mind to drive the car. A few weeks later when he becomes capable of driving he just goes into the car and automatically does everything without thinking of anything, he even may make cell phone calls while driving or talk to other friends. This happens because the driving information was transferred to the subconscious mind and so the conscious mind was free to be used for something else which is talking in the cell phone. The subconscious mind is responsible for the automatically triggered feelings and emotions that you suddenly experience on facing a new situation, for example when you are about to give a presentation all of the feelings of fear and anxiety are launched and controlled by the subconscious mind.

On the other hand, the conscious mind is responsible for logic, thinking and calculations.(actions that are done under your complete control) The subconscious mind also controls some other functions in your body like breathing and heart beats.

Another good example that can help you understand the subconscious mind is the process of breathing. Five minutes ago you were breathing because your subconscious mind was controlling this operation. Now, I want you to try to control your breath for one minute.

Of course you will be able to do it but this time it’s the conscious mind that is doing it. When you let go of the control, you are said to be handing over the task to your subconscious mind.

The Power of the Subconscious Mind

Your subconscious mind is far more powerful than your conscious one. By learning how to use and train your subconscious mind you will be able to control your behaviour, break bad habits, get rid of unwanted emotions and fix your belief system. To use the power of your subconscious mind you must first know how the subconscious mind works.

The subconscious mind has many governing rules. The following is an explanation of each of these rules:

Rules of the Subconscious Mind

• The subconscious mind does not differentiate between visualization and real situations: Have you been to a horror movie lately? If you have, then you must have noticed how your pulse raced in fear and horror even though you were in no real danger. Simply put, because your subconscious mind does not differentiate between real and imagined situations, it assumed that you were facing a real threat instead of merely an imaginary one. Now that you know this, you can use it to your own benefit. Suppose you had to give a presentation. If you visualize speaking well many times beforehand, your subconscious mind will actually believe that you have already performed well in many real presentations and so its more likely to keep up the same performance in the next one(the real one)!!

• The longer the subconscious mind believes something, the harder it will be to alter this belief in any way: if you have a longstanding belief, it will definitely be more difficult to alter than a recently formed one. Law of Association.

• Every thought causes a physical reaction: If you think that you are going to do badly in a presentation, your pulse and breathing would start to race as soon as you start talking. These physical changes were caused by one thing: an idea or thought.

• What you expect tends to be realized: If you are sure that you are going to fail an exam, you will indeed fail even if you had all that was needed to succeed. Your thoughts and expectations serve as the master plan for your subconscious mind, so whenever you think of something, your subconscious mind will do its best to make it come true.

• The subconscious mind always prevails in conflicts with the conscious one: If you are achluophobic (afraid of the dark) and you walked into a dark room, you will definitely feel fear, apprehension and anxiety swell within you, even while you try to convince yourself that there is nothing to be afraid of. This happens because the subconscious mind is more powerful than the conscious one, and will dominate your thoughts, and basically “win” any conflict with your conscious mind.

• The greater the conscious effort the lesser the subconscious response: This can be best explained by the example of someone suffering from insomnia(inability to sleep). Consciously trying to sleep will only make this person even more awake. By avoiding conscious effort and thinking of anything else instead, he/she would find that they will eventually nod off.

Your health is no exception to these rules, our habits of eating are programmed into our subconscious, and bad foods that we believe are tasty are often just a result of conditioning. Today most people know what is good and bad for their health, but they don’t understand the working of the mind, and therefore are helpless when it comes to change.

Eg: Coke commercials – the problem here is that no one keeps telling us how bad coke is and the company only tells us how refreshing it is.. obviously they have to make they keep programming our heads and the output is consumption of coke. I am sure you all know that companies spend 100’s of thousands of dollars in doing research and using NLP to enter data into your head.. this is almost like a work of art..only that its illegal.. and no one does anything about it..Subliminal commands are being given to your brain, so that they can make money!!!You have to create your own programs.. NO ONE ELSE!!

When it comes to health, It also important to understand the difference between thoughts and beliefs, as this is where most people go wrong.

One of the most important things to know about the mind and reality is the difference between thoughts and beliefs.

The difference between a thought and a belief is that you may have thousands of thoughts going through your mind but none of them have any power except those that are beliefs.

A belief is a thought that you make real, or accept as true.

Choosing to make a thought real or not is a decision under the very power of your will. The subconscious mind is the seat of emotion and the storehouse of memory, therefore memory is tied to emotion. Emotion is energy in motion. The more emotion a thought has, the more it is able to move things. Weak thoughts have little emotion. Strong thoughts have much emotion.

Eg: If you have had a weight issue for years, every time you look at yourself you feel frustration and want to be slim, what you have just done now is given emotion to your thought, and the minute you do that, it is recorded in the subconscious because the subconscious mind is the seat of emotion. And since thought and emotion are tied together, every time you have the thought of being fat it brings frustration, making frustration the belief and the thought the thought…if frustration is your belief  be rest assured that frustration will be your reality, as being fat is attached and associated to frustration due to conditioning.

A conscious thought only has effect as long as it is being consciously thought of. But when the thought is intensified with emotion until it generates enough momentum to continue flowing on its own and become perpetual. The thought becomes a memory and subconscious programming that runs the whole mind. Every true belief is not just conscious but subconscious and is tied to emotion. A belief is an emotionalized thought. The feeling of health produces health, NOT your thoughts. Feeling is a conscious perception of emotion. An emotion can run without your conscious realization until you become aware of it. Thinking and emotion are symbiotic.

When the information about driving was stored into your subconscious, it’s was stored as a program. Think of your mind as a computer and the driving information as a software that can be run automatically whenever needed. The same goes for lots of other activities and emotions.

Think of the case when you see chocolates, the installed program of temptation  is launched and you may find yourself over indulging. By programming your subconscious mind with new programs you can fix lots of your health problems and make sure that the autopilot that takes over you is capable of running your system without ruining your health or causing you problems.

Its Mind over Matter for sure!!

Written by Sejal Vora

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The Truth: About High Protein Diets for Weight Loss

Protein is an essential nutrient that is important to your health. However a lot of people today are obsessed with protein in their diet and eat way too much of it.

People who go on high-protein diets to lose weight are in fact, starving themselves and loosing water, which is why they are so successful in losing weight in the short-term.

Misconceptions like “protein is good, fat is bad”, “high protein diets make you slim” and that “you can’t ever get too much protein”, is absolutely incorrect.

When eaten in large quantities, protein is very difficult to digest compared to carbohydrates and fats. Protein not only slows down, but also blocks the digestion of carbohydrates and fats, leading to undigested food and obesity.

Our bodies are designed to burn nutrients for fuel in a very specific way. Carbohydrates are the main fuel source. When they are depleted, the body chooses fats next, the one nutrient designed specifically for storage and reserving energy. Only when fats are depleted, protein, the body’s main structural component is used, but only when severe depletion of carbohydrates and fats occur, a state commonly known as starvation or ketosis.

Protein for energy is primarily used to build cellular structures – NOT to create energy – metabolizing protein for energy is an incredibly inefficient way for the body to produce fuel.

Below is a circular issued by the American Heart Association:

Dietary Protein and Weight Reduction-From the Nutrition Committee of the Council on Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Metabolism of the American Heart Association.

High-protein diets have recently been proposedas a “new” strategy for successful weight loss. However, variationsof these diets have been popular since the 1960s. High-proteindiets typically offer wide latitude in protein food choices,are restrictive in other food choices (mainly carbohydrates),and provide structured eating plans. They also often promotemisconceptions about carbohydrates, insulin resistance, ketosis,and fat burning as mechanisms of action for weight loss. Althoughthese diets may not be harmful for most healthy people for ashort period of time, there are no long-term scientific studiesto support their overall efficacy and safety. These diets aregenerally associated with higher intakes of total fat, saturatedfat, and cholesterol because the protein is provided mainlyby animal sources. In high-protein diets, weight loss is initiallyhigh due to fluid loss related to reduced carbohydrate intake,overall caloric restriction, and ketosis-induced appetite suppression.Beneficial effects on blood lipids and insulin resistance aredue to the weight loss, not to the change in caloric composition.Promoters of high-protein diets promise successful results byencouraging high-protein food choices that are usually restrictedin other diets, thus providing initial palatability, an attractivealternative to other weight-reduction diets that have not workedfor a variety of reasons for most individuals. High-proteindiets are not recommended because they restrict healthful foodsthat provide essential nutrients and do not provide the varietyof foods needed to adequately meet nutritional needs. Individualswho follow these diets are therefore at risk for compromisedvitamin and mineral intake, as well as potential cardiac, renal,bone, and liver abnormalities overall.

If that’s not enough, another reason why High Protein Diets Are dangerous is because excess meat consumption for high protein produces acid in the body causing acidosis which is associated with almost every disease. Acidosis also leads to calcium deficiency which results in weakening of the bones (osteoporosis).

To recommend high-protein diets to children and adolescents is very dangerous. Complex carbohydrates must be the key to every child’s eating plan. They are crucial for the rapid energy production required by active lives and allow for the proper balance of structure and function required by the developing nervous system.

A well-rounded vegetarian diet provides more than enough protein to maintain a healthy body. A diet rich in animal protein, saturated fat and cholesterol raises harmful LDL cholesterol levels increasing the risk of coronary heart disease, diabetes, strokes and several types of cancer. In contrast, a diet high in complex carbohydrates that includes fruits, vegetables, and whole grains has been shown to reduce blood pressure and better the over all health.

The truth is that Protein overload may be a more serious problem than protein deficiency. Make your choices wisely.

Written by Sejal Vora

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The Truth: About Pain

Pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience usually produced by something that injures, or threatens to injure, the body. Although pain is something that we invariably want to escape or to stop, it serves several very important functions.

Pain protects us by triggering a reflexive withdrawal from something damaging before we can suffer further injury, such as when we drop a hot pan before we sustain extensive burns.

It is also a warning system that lets us know when an injury is about to occur: the burning ache in our muscles during extreme exertion warns us to stop using them.

Pain forces us to immobilize or protect an injured part, such as a broken ankle, thus giving it a chance to heal.

Most importantly pain also lets us know when we need to seek medical help, and teaches us what behaviors to avoid in the future.

Understanding this type of Pain is crucial, as this understanding alone can change the way you perceive health.

Pain is your body’s way of communicating with you and protecting you.

It is NOT your enemy or an inconvenience that needs to be eradicated at the earliest.

Pain is a sign from your body saying “please pay attention to me”

Pain is your doctor that is warning you of trouble.

When a message comes into the brain from anywhere in the body, the brain tells the body how to react. For example, if you accidentally touch a hot stove, the nerves in your skin shoot a message of pain to your brain. The brain then sends a message back telling the muscles in your hand to pull away. Luckily, this neurological relay race takes a lot less time than it just took to read about it.

We cannot bear the thought of being sick as it involves pain/discomfort and upsets an already tight schedule, but the only way the body can get your attention is by localizing the area of the problem and indicating it to you through pain.

Did you know that More than 100,000 chemical reactions go on in your brain every second! Among the brain’s many jobs is to be your own chemist. The brain produces more than 50 identified active drugs. Some of these are associated with memory, intelligence, pain, sedatives etc. The human body can release chemical compounds like opiates that can help the body to kill its own pain. Three such groups of chemicals are known as endorphins, Enkephalins and Dynorphins.

Endorphin is the brain’s natural painkiller, and it is 3 times more potent than morphine.

Which only means that if the body creates pain, there is a method to the madness, as it also has its own internal pharmacy to resolve it, the body will reduce the pain once it is assured that it is being looked into and healed.

Acute pain is one which occurs almost immediately upon tissue damage or injury and lasts only a limited time.

A Chronic Pain lasts for weeks, months, or years and is a major source of suffering, disability, and economic loss.

When chronic pain persists, it can be quite destructive. In effect, we make it a disease in itself. We medicate the pain and suppress it without even touching the real cause.

Pharmaceutical pain killers may get you back on track in a short period of time, but over the long run it will cause more harm than good as suppressing with pain killers promote toxicity in our bodies, which in turn causes more Dis-ease, and absolutely no healing is achieved.

Don’t just “Silence” your body, “Listen” to it.

The best approach to pain is to identify the cause and remove it. This should always be the primary goal.

Written by Sejal Vora

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The Truth: About Malaria

If  you think getting Malaria is no fault of yours, and it’s the damn anopheles mosquito’s that causes it….. You are ONLY half right, as  a mosquito only carries the parasites that cause Malaria,  and the parasites can only cause havoc if you let it.

Everything, from the planet to the parasite is created for a purpose, and causing you harm is on no ones list. There are many “parasites” in your body, most of these are symbiotic relationships, meaning that you need them as much as they need you.

In fact, if you were laying on a table and could make all your human cells go away, a perfect 3-D image of your shape would remain in place as there are more foreign cells in your body than human ones.

As you might know by now, I am not a great friend of killings things in the body, including parasites, fungi and bacteria, to do so would leave billions of corpses of organisms behind that would cause more problems than if they were kept alive to do what they are created for – Decomposing waste products and weak or dead cells.

If they are creating havoc in your body, please understand – They are there by Invitation Only!!

For example: The mosquito needs a stagnant pool of water for its life cycle, it does not invade a body of water and make it stagnant.  It finds a body of water that already provides the kind of environment that it can thrive in.

It is the same with all infections in the body, the environment was created first, and so if there is stagnant morbid matter in your body, then the living creatures that need that type of environment will naturally seek it out and thrive in it.

The real cause of malaria, as in case of any other infectious diseases, is wrong eating habits and a faulty lifestyle, which weakens your immunity resulting in the system being clogged with toxin, accumulated systemic refuse and morbid (dead) matter that is just sitting in your body inviting the parasites to come feast.

It is on this soil of toxicity and morbid matter that the malaria parasite breeds.

The liberal use of denatured foods today such as white sugar, white rice, white flour and products made from them, as well as tinned foods, strong tea, coke, Pepsi, tea, coffee and alcoholic beverages, lower the vitality of the system and paves the way for the development of malaria which is caused by a tiny parasite called plasmodium. The parasites grow in the liver of a person for a few days and then enter the bloodstream where they invade the red blood cells. The female anopheles mosquito draws a small quantity of blood containing the parasites, when she bites a person who has malaria. These parasites then pass through several stages of development within the mosquito’s body and finally find their way to its salivary glands. There they lie in wait for an opportunity to enter the bloodstream of the next person. However upon entering the blood stream, if your immune system is firing on all cylinders, the parasites will not stand a chance of survival, let alone multiplying.

As you can see, it is crucial to keep your immune system strong. With the way the planet is headed, many more H1N1 swine flu, dengue fever and malaria parasites are going to be floating around, and you need to be protected from the inside out, not outside in.

Please read my article on The Truth: About Fever to understand a fevers purpose. A High Fever is the most common procedure carried out by the body for of all types of Malaria and this is done to kill the parasites and cure you naturally. Malaria DOES NOT necessarily require antibiotic treatment. Your body is the most advanced pharmacy in the world, it is important you stimulate it to do the work it is designed to do and heal you naturally, rather than callously supplement it.

Last but not the least use Citronella, as it repels insects such as mosquitoes, black flies, fleas and ticks therefore, preventing its bites. Citronella oil/incense stick is a natural non-toxic alternative to chemical poisonous insect repellents like Good Night and Mortien which contains DEET (N,N-diethyl-3-methylbenzamide). They may prevent malaria but cause other adverse effects like insomnia, muscle cramps, mood disturbances and rashes.

Written by Sejal Vora

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